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In order to maintain the competition's success, we need a strong foundation of Program Supporters. This allows us to retain the high quality competition. Sponsorship also defrays institution costs, increases participation, and the number of students entering the workforce with this invaluable experience. 






Uncle Sam Wants You (To Fight Hackers) "Cyberdefense competitions at Cal Poly Pomona and other universities are one example of increased public-private cooperation, as recruiters scour contestants for the next generation of cybersecurity talent. Because cyberattacks happen so quickly and attackers can change tactics rapidly, experts say the fight often boils down to people skills—which side has the best-trained cyberwarriors.” – BusinessWeek 


Wanted: ‘Cyber Ninjas’ "FOR a regional competition last spring, eight students from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, spent six months of Saturdays practicing how to defend a typical business computer network from attacks. Then, over two grueling days, they outscored teams from five other schools at blocking worms and other efforts to disrupt their e-mail and Internet systems.” – The New York Times


Industry firms are looking beyond traditional recruiting "As computer threats become more coordinated and complex, Boeing and

other defense contractors are bolstering their cyber-security staffs. Increasingly they are turning to unlikely characters like Sims and Tam, who as students had distinguished themselves more on simulated cyber battlefields than in classrooms.” – Los Angeles Times


College students battle for cyber defense championship (Howard) Schmidt commented that "this event demonstrated the power of

public and private partnerships in making the Internet safer and developing the workforce of tomorrow” – USA Today 





It is showing them how this is applied. They have been sitting in the classroom learning about this. But now they are actually getting their hands dirty, they get to do this stuff in a simulated environment. And I think it really inspires them.”

Jeff Moss, Federal Homeland Security Advisor, ICANN Chief Security Officer, and founder of the BlackHat and DEFCON security conferences.

These people are the future in preventing and detecting cybercrime. They will save the government and private sector time, money, and reputation. These competitions provide real world proving grounds with real world threats in a fast paced, dynamic environment.” – Laura Chappell, Founder, Wireshark University 

By taking an active role in sponsoring the Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, companies and organizations get the opportunity to get to know leading students specializing in information security from a variety of educational institutions. Join those who share a passion in information security by supporting WRCCDC.

Page Updated: October 5, 2017